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Renting vs Buying

You need a projector for your next event, but should you rent or buy? We believe there is a definite advantage to renting, especially if you need to stick to a budget. Why is renting better than buying? Let’s consider three key factors – Total Cost Investment, Total Time Investment, and Flexibility. Total Cost Investment

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Decoding Projector Terminology

Deciding which projector rental is right for your event can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re not familiar with projector terminology. The good news is there are only a handful of key terms you need to know to decode projector terminology. Once you understand these terms, you will be able to compare projectors and

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Rent a Hitachi CP-X3011 Portable Projector

The Hitachi CP-X3011 works well for office and classroom presentations for slightly larger audiences. It’s 3200 lumen rating puts it in the mid-range of bright projector displays, with a special Daytime Mode that overcomes light interference for a brilliant, clear image in challenging daytime environments. A number of interactive features make the Hitachi CP-X3011 ideal

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NCAA Basketball Projector Rental

Renting a projector for March Madness is a great way to bring all the exciting action of the NCAA tournaments to the big screen. Invite your friends and family over and enjoy a powerful, vibrant display in the comfort of your own home. A high lumen digital projector will far outshine your regular TV with

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Valentine’s Day Projector Rental

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Spend time with the one you love in a truly memorable way with a high quality Valentine’s Day projector rental from Projector Rentals, Inc. With an affordable, multi-functional projector rental, the possibilities are endless. Give your creativity free reign and say I love you

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Plan the ultimate NFL Super Bowl party this year with a HD digital projector rental from Projector Rentals, Inc. Bring the WOW factor to your very own living room with an affordable home entertainment system creating a larger than life display that will rival any TV. Watch your favorite teams go head to head with

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The Five Best Reasons to Rent a Digital Projector

If you are planning an event and have never rented a digital projector before, you may be wondering – what’s the hype all about? Is a projector rental really going to make a difference at my event? Our definitive answer is a resounding YES. Having spent many years in the audio-visual industry, Projector Rentals, Inc.

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Audio Visual Holiday Rental

Are you planning a special event this Christmas holiday season? Whether you are hosting a family Christmas party, organizing a festive charity event, arranging a Christmas themed performance, or preparing for your company’s annual Christmas gala, Projector Rentals, Inc. takes the stress out of your holiday event by offering a worry free rental service for

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