New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut is a city of culture and economic development, making it an excellent choice for corporate events, trade shows, and private functions that utilize the latest in audio-visual technology rentals. Projector Rentals, Inc. provides the latest in multimedia solutions for events and venues of all sizes and types, with a wide selection of DLP and LCD projectors, wireless sound options, and accessories to choose from.

Take confidence in your power point presentation with a reliable 3500 lumen projector that produces stunning visuals both in lit and dark environments. With the added bonus of HDMI, dual VGA, and dual video connectivity, you have multiple plug and play options with minimal lag time between hook up and operation. For DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray displays, try our 2500 lumen entertainment system with built in DVD/CD player, HDMI and VGA plugs, and Dolby Digital sound, giving you a widescreen, high definition movie experience in the comfort of your own home, church, or rented space. Combine any of our multimedia projectors with a portable audio amp to ensure your event has the best in clear, high quality sound.

Our low price guarantee and free shipping allows you to stay well within budget while taking advantage of the best sound and projection equipment on the market today. Our knowledgeable team is here to help. We can suggest the perfect solutions for your next New Haven, Connecticut event and provide tech support throughout your rental period.

Contact today at (800) 574-0212, email us at or fill out a quick quote form to get more information and pricing for a New Haven, Connecticut rental.

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