Southaven, Mississippi

Create eye-catching presentations with a high quality projector rental from Projector Rentals, Inc. for your next Southaven, Mississippi event. Experience the advantage of cutting edge multimedia technology at your fingertips with a wide selection of affordable DLP and LCD projector to choose from. Whether you are planning a movie night at a Southaven, Mississippi community center, a speaking engagement at the Hilton Garden Inn, or a main stage event at the Landers Center, Projector Rentals has the perfect audio-video solutions for your event.

Our portable projectors provide a wide range of user-friendly functions to make setup and operation of your rental easy. From HDMI and VGA ports for networking to your laptop, phone, tablet or other multimedia device, to short throw lenses – perfect for limited space venues, and high lumen projectors for large event spaces. We also carry a wide selection of audio equipment, including wireless amplification systems and hands free lavalier microphone kits.

Whether you are renting for a weekend, a fortnight, or a month, we provide free tech support throughout your rental period to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. All of our projectors come in portable carrier bags complete with all the essential cords required for quick setup. Discover a reliable rental service and benefit from affordable, high quality rentals for your next Southaven, Mississippi event.

Contact today at (800) 574-0212, email us at or fill out a quick quote form to get more information and pricing for a Southaven, Mississippi rental.


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