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Reserve your rental equipment today

We rent a wide variety of DLP and LCD projectors as well as audio equipment and accessories for business and personal events. Whether you are hosting a business meeting, seminar, or training session, or planning a wedding, anniversary party, or movie night, Projector Rentals, Inc. can provide the perfect equipment for all your audio-visual needs.

Reserve your equipment in one easy step. Simply fill a quick quote form with your specific details and requirements and we will respond to your request within the same business day. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or make suggestions if you are unsure which projector rental is right for you. Get in touch today by filling out a quick quote form. Alternatively, you can call us at (800) 574-0212 or email us at We’re here to help make your event a success!

Prepare your presentation

A professional presentation requires preparation long before the day of the event. To ensure you make the most of your audio-visual rental it is important to consider a few factors. First, make sure you have the appropriate equipment for your event size and space. Determine your audio-visual requirements by asking a few simple questions:

  •        How you will use your projector? Are you planning a PowerPoint presentation? Do you need access to a DVD or Blu-Ray player? Do you want to network to your laptop or simply plug and play from a memory stick?
  •        How many people will attend your event? Will you be presenting to a boardroom of 30 or an auditorium of 500?
  •        What kind of venue will you use? Will your event take place within a well-lit convention space booth or occur outdoors at night in your own backyard?
  •        Do you need additional accessories? Will you require an adaptor to connect to your tablet? What about audio amps and wireless microphones? Do you need a projection screen?

Next, take time before the event to properly set up and test your equipment. Make sure you have all of the necessary cables and accessories, and turn the equipment on to give it a full trial run. Use this opportunity to work out any foreseeable problems, before you have a captive audience.

Finally, rest easy in the knowledge that you have the best multimedia equipment possible for your special event and you have prepared your presentation ahead of time to ensure everything will go to plan.

View our equipment manuals

All of our DLP and LCD projectors are easy to use, but having access to a user manual is always beneficial when you are setting up and preparing for your presentation, especially if you have never used the equipment before. We provide equipment manuals for all our digital projector models found in our inventory as well as some of our accessories. Manuals are accessible from the Learn More page in an easy to download format for convenience and accessibility at any time. We recommend downloading the manual and keeping a digital or printed copy handy to refer to during set up.