Large Venue Projector Rental

A Versatile, Large Venue Projector Rental

A large event requires a versatile, large venue projector rental to ensure a professional presentation with a powerful, vibrant display. Projector Rentals, Inc. is proud to provide high quality, hi-lumen projectors for business and personal events where a larger display is required. Our large venue projector provides 12000 lumens of bright light, ensuring a powerful image with brilliant LCD color display at 4000:1 contrast.

Versatile and easy to set up, our large venue projector can display images up to 600 inches with rear projection, perpendicular projection, and ceiling projection. Digital zoom and a motor driven lens allows you to shift focus and projection location easily throughout your presentation. Networking capability allows you to connect to your PC or Mac for quick access to PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, video, and more.

With a large venue projector, you can host your own movie screenings in a large theater, share presentations to large audiences, project your company’s logo and product line at a trade show, and even plan a professional main stage event in your own community.

Large Venue Projector Rental from Projector Rentals, Inc.

Projector Rentals, Inc. is a trusted source for projectors, audio equipment, and accessories across the country. Our customer based rental service ensures a stress free rental experience, with a low price guarantee giving you affordable access to high quality, professional multimedia equipment.

Our large venue projectors ship directly to your home or event location, with free round trip shipping available for short and long-term rentals. Our experienced team of rental specialists is available to answer any rental questions you may have, with free tech support offered throughout your rental period.

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