Rent an Eiki LC-X800A Portable Projector

Eiki Projector RentalPart of the renowned Powerhouse series, the Eiki LC-X800A is one of the most powerful, high lumen projectors available on the market today. Though the Eiki is not for the light traveler, it is still a portable option, weighing in at just over 60 pounds. At 12000 lumens, the Eiki is bright enough for large venue spaces with a 3LCD + One imaging technology that automatically controls the amount of yellow light produced on screen to create a brighter, more accurate color display.

Its high 4000:1 contrast ratio and versatile display allows digital video and analog input up to 1080p, with XGA resolution as well as compatibility with VGA, MAC, and UXGA for fine detail images.

The Eiki LC-X800A provides perpendicular and omnidirectional projection with a motor lens shift function that operates in all directions. Choose from a variety of projection screen sizes, including full screen, wide screen, custom screen, and true screen for displays larger than 1024×768.

Some of Eiki’s user-friendly benefits include a capture image function, especially useful for movie screenings and longer presentations, which displays a chosen still image at startup or during intermissions, and a digital zoom function that allows greater focus on specific areas of a display. A number of connectivity ports make the Eiki a diverse tool, allowing connection to laptops, DVD and Blu-Ray players, HD TV, and much more for multi-purpose functionality and a big screen brightness that will rival most movie theater experiences.

Key Features

  • High lumen, bright display for larger venues
  • Large screen display up to 600 inches
  • Supports analog and digital video input
  • Displays a variety of screen sizes


Need to Know Basics

  • Brightness: 12000 ANSI lumens
  • Projection image size:  up to 600  inches (measured diagonally)
  • Contrast ratio: 4000:1
  • Native resolution:  XGA 1024 x 768
  • Dimensions: 20.8 W x 10.55 H x 29.8 D inches
  • Weight: 60.9 lbs / 27.6 kg


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