Bloomington, Minnesota

Rent a projector for your next Bloomington, Minnesota event to take advantage of cutting edge, audio-visual technology at an affordable price. Projector Rentals, Inc. is proud to offer a customer based rental service with affordable, high quality projectors, audio equipment, and accessories for events of all types and sizes. Whether you are planning a business luncheon at the Radisson Hotel Bloomington, a banquet at the Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport, or a lecture at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center, Projector Rentals, Inc. has the right audio-visual solutions for your Bloomington, Minnesota event.

Choose from a diverse selection of LCD projectors with medium to high lumen brightness, perfect for boardrooms, trade show floors, university lecture halls, churches and much more! Bring a movie theater experience into your own backyard with a 2500 lumen DVD projector complete with surround sound and multiple networking capabilities. Create visually stunning PowerPoint presentations with a 3500 lumen DLP projector with HDMI and VGA ports for quick plug and play from virtually any multimedia device.

Projector Rentals, Inc. is committed to providing the best rental experience possible by offering free shipping to your home or event location with free tech support throughout your Bloomington, Minnesota rental period.

Contact today at (800) 574-0212, email us at or fill out a quick quote form to get more information and pricing for a Bloomington, Minnesota rental.


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