Charleston, West Virginia

Whether you are planning a training seminar at the Capital Conference Center or a business trade show at the Charleston Civic Center, Rental Projectors, Inc. is the best source for audio-visual rentals in Charleston, West Virginia. With a focused expertise in the multimedia equipment industry, we provide a wide selection of bright HD projector and portable audio equipment to suit every event type and size. Combined with our low price guarantee and free shipping, renting audio-visual equipment from Projector Rentals, Inc. is both affordable and easy!

Buying a DLP or LCD projector can be costly and problematic for many reasons. Not long after making a big investment in equipment, it goes out of date with the latest release of a new model, leaving you with out of date technology that isn’t meeting your professional expectations. At Projector Rentals, Inc. we provide the latest multimedia technology with an inventory built to meet any event size or type. Our stock includes 2600 lumen projectors with quick start functions, 3500 lumen projectors with HMDI and VGA connectivity, and 5000 lumen projectors for larger audiences.

Sound quality is another important factor to consider when renting a projector for your Charleston, West Virginia event. Our variety of wireless and portable sound systems ensure whether you are playing a movie, speaking at a conference, or amplifying a live music event, your sound is crystal clear.

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