Projector to Rent

Selecting a Projector to Rent from Projector Rentals, Inc.

Projector Rentals, Inc. has a diverse selection of projectors to rent that offer a wide array of multimedia options for your event.  Each projector rental offers a unique DLP or LCD technology display with a variety of lumen brightness levels available.  Take into consideration why you need a projector to rent, the size of your audience, and the venue in which your event will take place to find a digital projector perfectly suited for your event.

For smaller audiences, a 2600 lumen projector is a great choice for networking to laptops and other small devices. Medium size audiences will enjoy the 3200 lumen and 3500 lumen display with HDMI and VGA connectivity, while larger audiences will benefit from a 5000 lumen projector with a projection display of up to 600 inches.

Renting from Projector Rentals, Inc.

We take pride in providing the perfect projector to rent for any occasion.  Our knowledgeable team of customer care consultants are available to assist you throughout your short to long term rental, with free tech support and advice.

All of our DLP and LCD projectors are lightweight and easy to use. A portable carry case ensures your digital projector and essential cords are easy to transport, while our free return shipping makes returning your rental easy.

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