Video Gaming

Video GamingHost Your Own Video Gaming Tournament with a Digital Projector Rental

Hosting your own video gaming event couldn’t be easier with a digital projector rental from Projector Rentals, Inc. Our wide selection of bright, high lumen projectors will make your video games larger than life with vivid, bold color and contrast ensuring a perfect, seamless display.

Whether you plan to project your game on a living room wall, outside, or at a special venue, we have the perfect multimedia projectors and accessories to make your video gaming event memorable. Choose from LCD projectors with built in DVD players and HDMI connectivity, short throw projectors, perfect for large displays in smaller spaces, and high lumen projectors, great for big, bold displays for a larger audience.

Your Projector Experience is Limitless with Multiple Networking Options

High quality projectors provide the latest in networking capabilities, enabling you to connect to not only your favorite video games console, but also a wide variety of other devices including laptops, tablets, iPhones, Blu-Ray players and more.

Easy plug and play gets you set up in seconds, with portable, lightweight equipment that can be taken virtually anywhere. Our specialized multimedia projectors will provide striking image quality in both lit and dark environments, giving you the flexibility to set up in any environment.


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