The Five Best Reasons to Rent a Digital Projector

Locations - Projector RentalsIf you are planning an event and have never rented a digital projector before, you may be wondering – what’s the hype all about? Is a projector rental really going to make a difference at my event? Our definitive answer is a resounding YES.

Having spent many years in the audio-visual industry, Projector Rentals, Inc. has seen firsthand the difference a projector rental can make. From our experiences, we have compiled a short list of The Five Best Reasons to Rent a Digital Projector. Find out why renting a projector isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential for the success of your next event.

1. Projectors are a versatile tool.
Digital projectors come with a variety of functionality options that make them a versatile tool. HDMI and VGA ports provide connectivity to external devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles. With the ability to connect to virtually any device, you can project videos, images, even the internet, onto a big screen, which not only creates a more impressive display, it also improves visibility for
your audience.

2. Projectors enhance presentation. 
Presentation Projector Rental Whether you are leading a training session, hosting a reception, or representing your company at a trade show – a projector will enhance your presentation. What better way to create a professional image and make a lasting impression than utilizing cutting edge audio-visual technology to impress your audience? Powerful, high definition displays in brilliant, bold color will bring your videos, slideshows, and PowerPoint presentations to life – no matter what type of presentation you are planning.

3. Renting a projector is cost effective.
If you’ve decided to use a projector at your event, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Thankfully, renting a projector is not only easy, it’s affordable. Buying a projector can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s not including regular upkeep and repairs. Like most electronics, new projectors are released all the time, leaving the buyer with out of date equipment. Renting a projector gives you access to the latest models without the costly investment and upkeep of buying a new product. Projector Rentals, Inc. offers a low price guarantee on all of our projectors, saving you even more money.

4. Digital projectors are easy to use.

Support - Projector RentalsA lot of self-proclaimed technically challenged people assume it’s difficult to operate a digital projector, or at least, that they would rather avoid the stress of trying to operate one. But operating a digital projector is a lot easier than you thin
k. User-friendly functions like Quick Start and Active Iris make start up and play effortless, while plug and play networking is just a cord connection away. If you still feel a bit overwhelmed, Projector Rentals, Inc. provides tech support for all of our rentals. Should you need some friendly troubleshooting advice at any point during your rental period, we’re happy to help.

5. Projectors are a great teaching tool.

Classroom Projector RentalFrom classroom seminars to convention center product launches, projectors are one of the best event teaching tools on the market today. Studies have shown that people understand and retain knowledge better when a visual aid is used to present information. What better way to demonstrate a product, share an annual report, or train new employees than with a dramatic and engaging, HD display. Optimize your speaking engagements, business conferences, and family gatherings with an effective teaching tool that will engage and hold your audience’s attention.

Still not sure a projector rental is right for you? Our specialized team of experts would love to share the advantages of renting a projector, customized specifically for your event. Give Projector Rentals, Inc. a call at (800) 574-0212, email us at or fill out a quick quote form to find out how a digital projector rental can transform you next event.