Find the Right Projector Rental for Your Event (Part 1 of 2)

Projector RentalThere are a number of things to consider when looking for a perfect projector rental. Just like your unique event, no two projectors are alike. In this two part blog series we will explore the important factors to consider when choosing a projector rental so that you can make an informed, confident decision.

First, let’s discuss one of the most important determining factors that will affect your projector rental – your venue.

From Outdoor Weddings to Boardroom Presentations

Will your event take place indoors or outdoors? Are you planning an intimate gathering in a boardroom, classroom, your own living room? Or are you planning a large event in an auditorium, reception hall, or theater? Your venue relates directly to three important factors – light environment, throw space, and your audience.

Light Environment

If you are planning an outdoor event during the daytime, or plan to present in a well lit room, light will play a key role in picture interference. In bright environments, a high lumen projector is best (to learn more about lumens, visit our blog post – Decoding Projector Terminology). The opposite is true in a dark environment, where a low lumen projector is required.

Why is this important? In a bright environment, a low lumen projector will produce a washed out image that is hard to see, but the bright bulb of a high lumen projector will ensure a crystal clear display without any loss of color or definition. Likewise, a high lumen projector in a dark environment will create an image that is too bright for the eyes, but a low lumen projector will create the right brightness level while maintaining a vibrant display.

Throw Space

Giving a PowerPoint presentation in a boardroom is very different from presenting in a large auditorium. First, you have less space to work with in a boardroom, meaning that your projector will rest closer to the projection surface. In a large auditorium, this isn’t an issue. Your projector can sit as far back from the projection screen as needed.

Consider the amount of space you will have to work with before choosing a projector to rent. If you are planning on using a projector in a particularly restricted space, such as a trade show booth or your own living room, a short throw projector, which can produce a large display in a limited space, might be your best option. For really big venues, a large venue projector combines both high lumens and a large display to create a perfect display for large spaces.


How many people are attending your event? Are you planning an intimate anniversary party, a business meeting or training session with a handful of colleagues, a small religious ceremony or memorial service? Or will your event involve a larger gathering, such as a formal charity event, a speaking engagement, a main stage performance, or a corporate function?

For smaller audiences, a huge display is probably not necessary, which means the projection display size isn’t going to be a big factor when considering which projector to rent. For larger audiences, it’s important that everyone can see the display, from the person in the front row all the way to the back, which means you need a larger display. In this case, you need a projector that provides a larger display size. For particularly large audiences, a large-venue projector is a good option, as it maximizes your display without chipping away at your picture quality.

Your Venue in Review

  • Light Environment: The amount of light in your venue will affect your projector display. Dark environments need higher lumens. Light environments need lower lumens.
  • Throw Space: How much space do you have in your venue? Very small spaces may require a short throw projector. Very large spaces may require a large-venue projector.
  • Audience: Will your audience be big or small? Large audience’s will probably require a bigger display.

Our knowledgeable rental experts are available to answer any questions you might have about finding the perfect projector rental for your event. Whether you are planning a large outdoor display or a more intimate indoor presentation, we have the perfect multimedia options to make your event professional and dynamic.

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