Finding the Right Projector for Your Event (Part 2 of 2)

In our last blog post about finding the right projector for your event, we discussed important things to consider about your venue that directly relate to the type of projector you rent. In this post we will talk about the type of event you are planning.

896566_sBusiness or Personal Event

It’s a simple question, but it makes a big difference! Why? Ultimately, how you plan to use your projector will determine the type of projector you need.

Business events tend to involve PowerPoint or slideshow presentations and may require a template or blackboard/whiteboard function. Personal events cover a wider territory of requirements, depending on the type of event. When considering which projector to rent, think about what you plan to use it for.

Here are a few key features that projectors may or may not have, with the relevant events they can be used for.


VGA port: Allows you to connect to a laptop or TV. Good for PowerPoint and slideshow presentations, watching sporting events, displaying websites.

HDMI port: Allows you to connect to a tablet, iPod, iPhone, Blu-Ray player, and video game consoles. Good for backyard movie nights, video game tournaments, PowerPoint and slideshow presentations, Karaoke.

Mic Input: Allows you to plug a corded microphone into the projector. Good for voice over presentations, Karaoke, and training sessions.

USB port: Allows you to connect to a memory stick. Good for PowerPoint and slideshow presentations.

Support - Projector RentalsFunctions

Template: Projects a series of grids or lines onto a surface (whiteboard, blackboard, flipchart, etc.). Good for teaching or training exercises.

Blackboard/Whiteboard: Automatically adjusts image brightness and color to enable image display on a blackboard or whiteboard. Good for classroom or boardroom settings.

Short Throw: A special type of lens that is able to create a large image within a limited throw space. Good for trade show events or boardroom meetings.

HD/Widescreen display: Supports high definition and wide screen resolution. Good for movie nights, video game tournaments, sporting events.

Still not sure which projector is right for your event? Take a look at our first blog post here, and of course, our experienced team of rental specialists are always happy to help make recommendations and offer advice. Contact us today at (800) 574-0212, email us at or fill out a quick quote form to find out more about renting for your next event.